C1 Driving Licence

A C1 Driving licence allows you to drive a vehicle up to 7500kg MAM (maximum authorised mass), this course is suitable for paramedics, delivery drivers, horsebox, vehicle recovery services, motorhome etc.

If you past your driving test on or after the 01st January 1997 you won’t have this category on your licence as acquired rights.

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For this this licence we provide the following:

  • Medicals
  • Licence Application D2 & D4
  • Theory Training Material and Tests
  • Practical Driver Training
  • Practical Driving Tests
  • Driver CPC

Available Course

It is up to you which course you feel is best suited for you, we will always give our professional opinion as to whether the chosen course is best for you based on your performance.

Standard Course £905

Suitable for experienced car drivers with little experience with large vehicles, will be 12 hours practical training. We will cover manoeuvre test (3a) & practical driving test (3b)

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Additional Service

  • Medicals
  • Licence Application – Free with course booking
  • Theory 1a, 1b and training material
  • Initial CPC mod 2 & 4 + Training (Not required for ambulance, motorhome and horsebox)

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